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Hairdressers Ramírez Peluqueros

Welcome to Hairdressers Ramírez Peluqueros

We are on the 2nd floor of Yumbo Centre in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

In Hairdressers Ramírez Peluqueros are proud to have a profession where we can enhance the beautiful natural attraction of man and woman empowering their best qualities. Our 29 years of experience in San Agustin Shopping Centre and 21 years in Yumbo Centre mall endorse us with a loyal customer that encourage us to continue on the path of good work. We would like to inform our professional keratin treatment restorative and our 100% natural hair extensions and endless treatments hair and beauty professionals

Happy to advise on our telephone numbers: Yumbo Centre: +34 928 773 630 – C.C.San Agustín : +34 928 764 584

Contact Information

Tel.: +34 928 76 45 84

Yumbo: 2nd floor