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Tatoo Funny Pain Gran Canaria

Welcome to Tattoo Funny Pain

We are on the 4th floor of Yumbo Centre in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

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Good people and a friendly atmosphere to make you feel comfortable. That’s Tattoo Funny Pain in the Yumbo Centrum Mall! Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). Whether lawyer, banker, surfer, piercing or tattoo freak with us, everyone is welcome. We all share a passion for tattoos. Tribals , Maori, cover-ups, Oldschool or Freehand we work in all styles. Even if you only have rough ideas we are for you advice. Bring your idea / template directly or look out the countless motifs all types in our store. If you are not 100% sure what are looking for, we will create you a customized template, exactly according to your wishes . We are happy to help you beautify an old sin of youth or a failed tattoo also. So far, we have always found a nice solution, so you will be happy with your new tattoo. Besides normal tattoos we also offer permanent makeup such as lip liner, eyebrows, etc… We offer you piercings in any way, the matching high quality jewelry, you can find a large selection also with us. Highest hygiene standards are self evident. We only use sterile packaged needles, which are disposed of after each customer and disinfect both our work and the body part to be machined is always thorough. The wearing of gloves and a thorough cleaning of the studio is also part of our standard . You’ll find us right at the principal entrance of Yumbo Centre next to the tourist information office directly above the pharmacy. With years of experience we can assist you and ensure that you will be pleased with the results. Be inspired by our work.

We look forward to your visit! Tel: 928774912 – 690348346

Contact Information

Tel.: +34 690 34 83 46

Yumbo: 4th floor

E-mail: tattoofunnypain@hotmail.com

Website: tattoofunnypain.com

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